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If you heard about Ubuntu 12.04 but had no idea what a pangolin was, then you’re in for some more time on Wikipedia with Ubuntu’s next release. Canonical CEO Mark Shuttleworth has announced on his blog that Ubuntu 12.10 will be known as “Quantal Quetzal”.
The quetzal is a colorful bird, and perhaps more importantly, is one of a select number of animals that begins with the letter “Q”. Wikipedia notes that quetzals live in western Mexico and prefer humid highlands (who doesn’t?).
In his blog post Shuttleworth noted:
No, the quintessential stories of Q will be all about style on the client, with a refresh of our theme and typography, a start on new iconography and perhaps even a new form factor taking flight. So brown is out and something colourful and light is called for…
Ubuntu has had a famously brown color palette, but that’s started to change with recent versions. It seems that the quetzal, an extremely colorful bird, might be more than just a convenient “Q” animal — it’s also a reference to sweeping design changes for Ubuntu. Shuttleworth specifically notes the style, theme, and iconography, all of which will get a fresh coat of paint as Ubuntu competes against increasingly vibrant operating systems.
But that’s not the only important part of the name. “Quantal” means “of or having to do with something that is quantum or quantized in nature”, and also isn’t a word most of us encounter every day. In this case it seems to have been chosen because Ubuntu 12.10 will include Quantum, a “virtual network stack for OpenStack“.
Ubuntu 12.10 is set to be released in October of this year. Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin will be available on April 26, just three days from now.

Game-o-lution: Play & Earn

Gaming is whole lot of fun, and the people who make it  
possible are the so-called pixel architects. If you are up to the
challenge, you too can create a very promising career as a
gaming professional.  From 8-bit game consoles
to high defi  nition gaming on
PC, PlayStation 3 and Xbox
360 complete with motion controls
today, games have sure come a long
way. Gaming continues to fi  nd new
avenues for expansion through 3G
connectivity and platforms like iOS  and Android. A white paper by Deloitte  estimates that the Indian gaming  market will grow at a rate of 53% to  $1.3 billion by 2013. We spoke with  Joshi Mark Premnath, Art Director  (Academic Research & Development)  at the Asian Institute of Gaming and  Animation, Bangalore, to gain an  insight into what it takes to establish  a career in gaming development.

 Q)What are the dif  erent  platforms for game  development? Which is the most  popular in India?

The gaming industry can be divided  into the following key segments,  and India develops games for all the  three segments: Online games (MMORPG and Casual  
Games) Mobile games   PC and console games (home and    handheld) Mobile and PC games are more popular  in India. The large penetration of mobiles  and personal computers has helped this  form of entertainment reach the masses.  Additionally, the Internet has played an important role in popularizing gaming.  Today, mobile phones such as the iPhone  are seen to have powerful capabilities  as handheld gaming devices. Many  developers develop casual games for  devices with touch screen capabilities.   Powerful consoles are changing the way  we play games, with innovative ways to  play. Urban Indian audiences are exposed  to consoles such as Playstation 3,  Nintendo Wii and Xbox 360.

Q)When taking up gaming as a career, what are the profiles  that students can look at for  specialization? 

At the start, students may be taken in by beautiful graphics they see  while playing games. Not many may be  particularly looking for specialization at  this stage. When taking up gaming as a  career, its best to keep one’s mind open  while being exposed to dif  erent aspects of game development and spend time  developing a deeper understanding of  the subject in totality before choosing  areas to specialize in. To begin with, a  student needs to identify whether his  interest is more towards art,  programming, design or any other  specifi  c area. Next, he would look to specialize  further within each of these streams.  This sense of realization on areas to  specialize sets in after working on  difFerent aspects and usually happens  mid way through a well planned game development course. To clarify,  specialization does not refer to  specialization in digital content creation  tools, but refers to focused learning  towards achieving higher levels of  understanding and skill in the selected  area within the game creation pipeline.

What is the educational  background required before  joining a gaming course?

Besides a passion for gaming, game  courses prefer students from  creative backgrounds with exposure to creative subjects and fi  ne arts. Graduates  are preferred, but even students with  genuine interest and creative skill do well  in gaming courses after completing junior College (12th). Primarily, game studios  look for great portfolios and good  understanding of game development.  Passion and capacity to deliver on time  and as per set standards is paramount.  Educational background may also be a factor, but not critical for any game  studio. Programming courses, on the  other hand, would need candidates with  good aptitude, fl  air for logic, and creative  thinking. The nature and intensity of the  program might need engineers or  graduates in a relevant stream.



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Bridge to the Future

Intel’s pumping out a whole new generation of  chips even though their previous offerings are  only a year old. What new surprises could they  possibly have in store for us?

  The year 2011 is of   to a fl  ying  start, thanks to Intel’s long-
awaited Second Generation  Core Microprocessor family. We’ve been
seeing some exciting (but top-secret)  demos since early September, but now
the products have fi  nally had a formal  launch and so we can talk about them!
The Core i-series family isn’t even  that old, but already there’s a new  generation ready to take over. The main  reason for excitement is that Sandy
Bridge represents the fi  rst brand new  architecture in a long while. Everything  is new, from the basic CPU architecture  to the chipsets and motherboards  required. Sadly, this means that anyone
who bought a brand new Intel-based  system last year is out of upgrade  options. Interestingly, while the low-end  and mid-range Core i3s and i5s are being  refreshed, the high-end i7s will continue  at the top of the heap till at least the  latter half of this year—even though their  new younger siblings are quite capable  of nipping at their heels, as we’ll shortly  illustrate. The best way to identify that you’re  getting a new 2011-series CPU is to check  that your new desktop or laptop comes  with one of the new stickers you see  alongside, rather than the older curved  design. The CPUs also have an extra  “2” prefi  xed to the model number, for example last  year’s products were named Core i3-XXX,  whereas this year’s will be Core i3-2XXX.  The chipsets are named H67 and  P67—both use the new Socket 1155

Following Intel’s tick-tock strategy  which has been going well for several years now, Sandy Bridge introduces a  new architecture using the same 32nm  manufacturing technology. The focus  here has been on power ei   ciency and  tight integration of components, to  increase performance while decreasing  power draw. At the heart of the new  design, a ring-shaped bus carries databetween the CPU cores, the graphics  logic, the L3 cache, and the memory  controller. All these are now implemented  in the same silicone die, which allows  or tremendous improvements in speed  when data needs to move between  them. A new instruction set called AVX  (Advanced Vector eXtensions) also  speeds up the processing of fl  oating  point instructions, which are much more  demanding considering the highly parallel  nature of today’s media encoding and  creation software. Turbo Boost, which lets individual  cores speed up while others lie idle,
now extends to the graphics logic as  well. The areas of the chip that handle traditional CPU and GPU tasks can now  trade of   with each other, allowing each  to ramp up when needed, as long as  overall power consumption stays within  limits. Turbo Boost also ramps up and  down much more rapidly, in response to  software typically operating with short  but intense bursts of activity. With traditional desktop PCs fading  away, Intel is also focusing on power  ei   ciency for laptops and compact or  all-in-one desktops that don’t require  massive cooling contraptions. The new  CPUs consume between 17 and 55 Watts  (mobile) and between 45 and 95 Watts  (desktop); a marked improvement over  older generations.

2nd Gen Intel Core Processor Overview


Sony Xperia p 4 stunning dispaly and attractiive design

Enclosed in a precision crafted, full aluminium unibody shell, Xperia P stand out with its unique, simple design. Xperia P have attractive design features including the “transparent element”, a band that encircles the base of the phone and also integrates antenna components. The transparent element lights up when receiving calls, texts and notifications. Dominating the front is a 4” Reality Display(powered by Mobile BRAVIA Engine) with WhiteMagic technology. Xperia P introduces WhiteMagic display technology from Sony for the first time on a smartphone. WhiteMagic technology brings the brightest viewing experience, with clear visibility even in broad daylight. With the ability to automatically adjust the brightness of the screen according to the surroundings, the display can conserve battery life. Running on Android 2.3 Gingerbread, Xperia P will be upgraded to Android platform 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) during Q2 2012. Under the hood, there is powerful 1 GHz dual-core processors for super fast performance and 16GB flash storage.
Equipped with a fast capture 8 megapixel camera, users are ensured to get the right shot their smartphone. The smartphone ensures users will never miss a shot, thanks to just over a second from sleep to capture and one second between shots. The Exmor R for mobile image sensor ensures stunning photos despite in poor lighting conditions. The new SmartDock dedicated for Xperia P offers simple connectivity to multiple displays, transforming the smartphone into an entertainment hub for living room. Users can use the TV remote control to navigate their smartphone’s media content to watch their HD videos in full screen. With USB support in the SmartDock, users can also connect wireless keyboard and mouse to write emails, browse and post Facebook or watch videos from YouTube on their TV. With access to Sony Entertainment Network, users can download a movies from Video Unlimited as well as more than 15 million songs from Music Unlimited. The Sony Xperia P should reach the shelves sometime during Q2 2012.
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Sony Xperia sola.. cool floating touch navigation phone from sony....

Xperia sola, the latest addition to the Xperia portfolio comes complete with Sony technology, premium entertainment and innovative floating touch navigation. The NFC enabled Xperia sola comes with Xperia SmartTags enabling customers to change their smartphone settings and applications to fit their daily lives immediately. Available in black, white and red, Xperia sola will be available to consumers globally in the second quarter of 2012. Making an entry exclusively on Xperia Sola, Sony’s unique floating touch enables consumers a fun new way to browse the web by hovering their finger on top of the screen so it performs like a moving cursor, without touching the screen. After finding the desired link, it can be highlighted and a simple tap will load the page.
Xperia sola is shipped with Android 2.3 Gingerbread, but can be upgraded to Android 4.0 during summer 2012. The NFC enabled Xperia sola comes with two NFC Xperia SmartTags in the box as standard for easy day to day usage. By tapping Xperia sola on a SmartTag, a pre-configured profile in the smartphone will launch. With the ability to personalize up to 10 commands, the two SmartTags included in Xperia sola are ready for the living room to turn on Wi-Fi and launches Google news and weather apps, or for the bedroom, which turns on the alarm and switches to silent mode. NFC pairing is also supported allowing users to connect with other NFC smartphones for applications and services by tapping their smartphones together.
Xperia sola boasts 3.7″ vivid sharp screen with Reality Display powered by Mobile BRAVIA Engine and crisp and loud sound with xLOUD and 3D surround sound audio technology. The 1GHz processor ensures powerful performance. Xperia is also equiped with fast camera to bring the camera from sleep to capture in a little over a second with a single key press. Users are also presented with a variety of premium entertainment experiences with Sony Entertainment Network, where they can watch the latest Hollywood movies on Video Unlimited and listen to millions of songs through Music Unlimited.

Samsung Galaxy S3 Specifications.!!

Samsung Galaxy S3 Specifications!

GSMHelpdesk also claims that it received trusted information concerning the full specs of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S3.
Here’s the list, as conveyed by the Dutch blog:
  • Processor and memory
    • Processor: quad-core 1.5 GHz
    • RAM: 1GB
    • Storage: 32GB
    • Card Slot: Unknown
  • Dimensions
    • 131 mm long
    • 64 mm wide
    • 8 mm thick
    • 125 grams
  • Battery
    • 1750 mAh
    • Removable
  • Display
    • 4.7-inch
    • 720 x 1280 resolution (HD)
    • 313 ppi
    • Super AMOLED Plus HD
  • Camera
    • 12MP rear camera
    • LED flash
    • Slow motion,
    • Time lapse
    • Full HD (1080p) video recording
    • 60 FPS video shooting
    • 1.3 MP front camera
    • 720p video recording (front camera)
  • Connectivity
    • Dual Carrier HSPA 3G networks
    • Download speeds of up to 42 Mbps
    • Upload speeds of up to 5.76 Mbps
    • Bluetooth 4.0
    • NFC
    • WiFi a/b/g/n
    • Micro USB 2.0
    • HDMI out
    • DLNA
    • WiFi direct
    • Wi-Fi Hotspot option
In short, most of the presumed specifications provided by GSMHelpdesk’s source seem in line with previous rumors.
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Finally samsung speak about galaxy s3.. New android smart phone from samsung....!!

After days of furious speculations, today we’ve got two huge pieces of news concerning the Samsung Galaxy 3. First, Samsung’s VP for China told the press that the Galaxy S3 launch event may come in April, although it was originally planned for May.

Now, we have even bigger news – a leaked image originating from Dutch mobile blog GSMHelpdesk.nl

shows a supposed Galaxy S3 that is very similar to the device shown in the leak we saw last Saturday.

Moreover, GSMHelpdesk claims that the trusted source that supplied the image has also provided them with the full … Samsung finally speaks on Galaxy S3: release date may be in April after all With dozens of supposed leaks, rumors, and speculations swirling around the Samsung Galaxy S3, ranging from the sublime to the ridiculous, the expectations that build up over the upcoming superphone are tremendous.

Besides repeatedly negating the various rumors about the Galaxy S3, Samsung did little to feed the hype or to temper it down.

All we’ve got was a vague assurance that the S3 will come in the first part of the year.

But now, we finally have official news from a high-powered Samsung executive (one with a name, unlike the many anonymous, yet chatty Samsung execs cited by the … Samsung Galaxy S3 might come standard with wireless charging   The Samsung leaks just won’t stop these days.

It seems Samsung may launch the Galaxy S3 with its own proprietary wireless charging station.

The smartphone will not even need to touch the charger, as it can charge from a distance of 1-2 meters.

That seems pretty futuristic, if you ask me, considering that only a few years ago wireless charging was more of a science lab experiment.

Of course, Samsung wouldn’t be the first to use wireless charging for a phone.

The Palm Pre was one of the first to have to boast the wires-free charging technology.

But Samsung … With suspense building up over the imminent arrival of Samsung Galaxy S3, one Samsung executive is more than willing to share some tidbits of information about the Koreans’ upcoming super phone.

Talking to Korea Times, the executive outed the processor that the Galaxy S3 will be sporting.

While no specific model of the processor was mentioned, the anonymous exec did say that the Samsung Galaxy S3 will use a 32nm quad-core processor.

As noted by MobileSyrup, it is likely that the source was talking about the Exynos 4412, which the world first saw during the Mobile World Congress in February.

… Now this is the kind of news we like to hear – a thread just popped on Reddit, with what seems to be a press photo of the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The image contains a lot of juicy details, including a supposed Galaxy S3 release date: May 22, at the Samsung Unpacked event in London.

The May 22 date fits perfectly with earlier bits of news, including Samsung’s statement that the Galaxy S3 will debut sometimes in the first part of the year, closer to the actual availability of the product.

Now, we’ve seen mockups and renderings of the Galaxy … Making gadgets resistant to water has been a big trend this year, with various manufacturers choosing to fit their smartphones and tablets with water protection systems.

But not all producers use the same technology – some devices, like the Panasonic Eluga, are waterproofed, meaning that their sensitive internal components are shielded from the elements through a gasket or some other type of seal.

As a drawback, waterproofing adds bulk to the device and the seal can wear in time.

Other devices are water resistant, meaning that, even if their inner workings are not insulated, the device will withstand just about … The world is hungry to learn more about the Galaxy S3, and every last piece of information that is at least remotely related to Samsung’s future flagship is dissected and stuck under the microscopes of countless Android fanatics, us included.

Yesterday, we learned that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has entered production and that carriers and retailers are overwhelming Samsung with preorders.

The same source, a tweet from legendary Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin, confirmed previous rumors regarding the supposed ceramic casing of the Galaxy S3.

Corroborated with previous gossip, the latest report sketches an attractive image for the successor of the …   The wait for the Samsung Galaxy S3 launch is getting unbearable, don’t you think?

At least for us and half of the tech blogs out there it is, with all the rumors that have been swirling around Samsung’s upcoming flagship device.

Now we discovered yet another piece of the Galaxy S3 puzzle: ultra-connected Russian blogger Eldar Murtazin tweeted yesterday that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has gone gold.

In other words, the S3 has come out of the design and testing stage and is now in production.

It seems that the successor to the S2 is finally upon us.

Murtazin … Samsung Galaxy S3 shows up for preorder.

Is it for real?

Another day, another rumor related to the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The excitement for the Samsung Galaxy S3 is nothing short of amazing.

The entire Android community is holding its collective breath for what it likely to be an incredible device that will set trends and gloriously lead the Android pack.

So, when the Samsung Galaxy S3 shows up for preorder, complete with image, specs, and price, we naturally take notice.

That’s exactly what happened today.

Recombu reports that New York-based wireless store MobileCityOnline.com

has just listed the Samsung Galaxy S3 for preorder, giving us hope that the S3 is finally … Is Samsung prepping up the Galaxy S3 release in the US? Possible new names for the series trademarked Quick, name your favorite Samsung Galaxy S series in the US!

We won’t blame you if you have a hard time remembering all of the creative names that Samsung and US carriers have come up with.

And the list is about to grow bigger, as the company has filed more trademark names that we suspect are reserved for the Samsung Galaxy S3.

The new names that Samsung have filed for protection are the Galaxy Thunder, Galaxy Express and Galaxy Accelerate.

A short while back, the company has also secured the Galaxy Emerge, Galaxy Stellar, and Galaxy Halo monikers.

It’s not … Point-and-Shoot Cameras Going the Way of the Dinosaur, Smartphones to Blame   The funny thing about technology that many in the tech world don’t fully understand (or don’t want to understand) is the fact that a product doesn’t need to be perfect to be successful.

There are many concepts that show that “good enough” is, at least sometimes, all the users are asking for.

The MP3 format removes much of the original information in a recording for the sake of a smaller size, but users don’t seem to mind, although music luminaries regularly argue against lossy formats.

The same thing for JPG vs. RAW.

And let’s not start analyzing why users … New Rumor: Galaxy S3 to be Announced in March, Launch in April The fun never stops here, folks.

This has certainly been a rollercoaster of a ride thus far, and shows no signs of slowing down.

The Galaxy S3 launch date rumors have ranged from early 2012 to mid-summer, but now we have yet another rumor vying for our attention and analysis.

This time we have reports that indicate that the Galaxy S3 might be launched as soon as April.

ZDNet Korea is reporting that the Galaxy S3 might be announced this month, and will launch just weeks later, in April.

Apparently, the sources for this rumor come directly from the advertising company that … If This Is True, the Galaxy S3 Will Be the Best Phone of the Year – Again Samsung is not perfect, and I think they are following the wrong strategy by releasing many rehashed devices lately.

Still, this is how they have done business over the past several years.

I’ve been amazed at Samsung’s ability to make the Galaxy S the phone of the year, twice in a row already.

When the original Galaxy S launched, it was unbeatable for at least 7 months until the first dual core phone appeared on the market.

Again, with the Galaxy S2, it was unbeatable for around 6 months until the Galaxy Nexus appeared, which perhaps not by coincidence, was … Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Date Almost Certainly in July For what seems to be an eternity, we have speculated about the hotly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S3 release date.

Rumor after rumor, our hopes were kindled, only to be brutally crushed when the supposed launch date passed joylessly.First, it was January at the CES.

Then, this week’s MWC was pegged as the perfect occasion to launch the S3 (in 2011, the Galaxy S2 was announced at MWC).

But Samsung made it clear that we won’t see the new S3 in Barcelona.So when is the Samsung Galaxy S3 coming?

Read on!

What Will Be the Best Android Phone of 2012?

[Updated: February 21st, Updated: February 27 Updated March 20] The year 2011 was all about “dual core”, becoming the standard for high-end smartphones.

And we have all witnessed what superphones like the Samsung Galaxy S II, DROID RAZR MAXX, and others are capable of.

These phones are five times more powerful than anything released last year, and for this upcoming generation of devices, even more.

So, what next?

This year, chip-makers have come forth with quad core processors supporting mobile multitasking comparable to the performance of a desktop computer of a few years ago, powered by Tegra 3 SoC’s and TI’s …
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